Sponsor a Child

Give them Light of Education and let Stand their own Feet

People living in Buddha Gaya and its adjoining villages are the poorest and most neglected. They have difficulties in feeding and supporting themselves. One immediate consequence of this poverty is that majority of the Children here are unable to attend school. The families cannot afford their educational cost.

Bhikkhu Rahul feels that illiteracy has its roots in social backwardness. He also think that if meaningful education can be given to these under privileged children, many evils can be removed from the society in phased manner and they would be able o reach a state of stable self – sufficiency.

At present, the Vajra Bodhi Society is running two free schools. One is situated in a village named Mocharim, some 2 Kms. and another situated in a village Anandgarh about 10 Kms. away from Buddha Gaya. Presently about 100 students each are attending in those schools. The Society has plan to open more schools in the villages around Buddha Gaya where formal school education would be imparted for the first time.

But, due to financial constraints, the Society has not been able to provide modern amenities of education to these children as yet. Recently it has build a concrete house at Mocharim on a Donated piece of land to house of its school. The other school still housed in mud and brick walls with tiled roof.

Its schools are run entirely on private and individual donations. As the Society does not have any regular and reliable means of support, it appeals to you all for whole-hearted donations so that Bhikkhu Rahul’s literacy program can be sustained and continued. Every penny of your donation will be spend cautiously, wisely and most economically. Your money will directly help in the literacy of those for whom otherwise it would be an impossibility.

Or you Can sponsor repeated yearly education of an individual child just for INRS. 24,000/- US $ 400/- a year. Your money will be spent for school attendance fee if the child is not from the village where Vajra Bodhi’s free schools are running. On school books, for the papers pencils for school work, towards, payment of occasional medical expenses (such as the cost of immunization), for snakes during school time and on clothing. Should you choose to sponsor a child for year or longer you will be sent a photograph and progress information about the child whose education are being funded by you.

If you would like to visited the existing schools or want know about Bhikkhu Rahul’s literacy program, Please Contact him at his office in Buddha Gaya.