Let Them Play and Go to School

Most of the children in the villages around BuddhaGaya are around to labour at home by the age of five while parents go out search of whatever work they might find which they usually find little. They get work during the harvesting and planting sessions only during other times they are forcing to beg.

In these circumstances. At the age when a child is supposed to play with his/her friends or go to school, he/she is deprived of their basic right. Also, in most cases,the child has to leave the school even if he/she strong desire to continue studies.

Bhikkhu Rahul believes the the right type of education for these children will led to self-sufficiency of the entire family unit once the children grows up.

Vajra Bodhi taken responsibility for as many of such children’s as is possible. The Society keeps these children in its own place ,feeds them ,clothes them, makes arrangement for their education and provides healthcare.

You have power in you to help at least one such child. YES! You can sponsor a child with just Indian Rupees 2000/- us $ 30/- a month. The Money you donate will help to provide for his/her education. As a child sponsor, you can remain in touch with the child and play active role in shaping his.her destiny. So please repond.