Housing for Everybody

Housing is one of the most serious challenges being faced in India.

For normal citizen, owning a house provides significant economic security and statues in society. For shelter less persons, a house brings about a profound social change in their existence, endowing them with an identify, thus integrating them with their immediate social milieu.

Bhikkhu Rahul thinks that he might not be able to solve all of India’s problems, but he works hard he could at least change the world of few persons.

In the first phase of his Program “housing for Every body”, the aim is to provide dwelling units to the people living below the poverty line, in the village around BuddhaGaya free of cost. For the purpose of has selected about hundred families living in a village named Mocharim where one of the school run by the Vajra Bodhi Society is situated at.

The Vajra Bodhi will construct each of the housing units on a plinth area of 418-450 sq.ft.at an approximate cost INRS. 250,000/- ( US $ 4000/-) thousand with 2 bed rooms, Kitchen and toilet. Such completed units would be handed over to the head of the needy homeless family.