Health Care

Help Them be Health Conscious and Grow up as Healthy Citizen

Health care is one of the basic needs of human beings which the people around BuddhaGaya are desperately in need of. Government sponsored medical services are yet to reach remote villages.

Bhikkhu Rahul thinks good health and good times go tougher. Keeping this in mind and with a view of making medical facilities available of BuddhaGaya, the Vajra Bodhi Society has made an ambitious plan to build 100 beded hospital on a piece of donated land near Mocharim school at a Cost Indian Rupees 200 Million. The entire cost would be raised through donations from Dhamma friends.

present Vajra Bodhi’s health Care program is limited to periodic dispending of medicine among village folks. Your assistance and advice are earnestly solicited for materialized Bhikkhu Rahul’s health care projects.