Quench your Thirst of Knowledge

Buddha Gaya is both a pilgrimage and tourist centre. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists of different nationalities visit this holy place every year with a view either to perform rites and rituals or to do mediation or to know/brush up their knowledge about Buddhism. But there are vary few places like a library where the visitors can sit and read according to their taste in order to meet their intellectual and spiritual needs.

The Vajra Bodhi Society with its Moderate capacity, with a view to serve the visitors aspiring for knowledge, has inaugurated a library at its Temple premises recently with Good number of Books on diverse subjects including a sizeable number of books on Buddhism (Dhamma) under the patronage of the donors to its various projects. The library has been named after Maha Pandit Rahul Sankrityayan in remembrance of his great literacy Contribution towards Buddhism.

If your luggage is over burdened with a book, which you have already read, while leving Buddha Gaya please donate such book(s) to the library of Vajra Bodhi Society. The Vajra Bodhi will receive your books(s) with thanks and gratitude. Your books would be preserved carefully and made available for reading to hundreds of visitors at Buddha Gaya at their leisure over the years.