Help Bhikkhu Rahul Sankrityayan In His Endeavor To Serve Have-Nots

Bhikkhu Rahul Sankrityayan’s efforts to serve the society Inspired by the teachings of Lord Buddha – Rahul, named after Mahapandita Rahul Sankrityayan, left the material world in his early twenties and came to Buddha-Gaya, a small village in north-east Indian state of Bihar where Lord Buddha attained his enlightenment about 2500 years ago, walking a long 1500 Kms. on foot from his home town Jeypore, in the state of Orissa. On reaching Buddha-Gaya, he embraced Buddhism and ordained as a monk under Late Venerable Dr. Dhammawansa Mahathera. But in the course of time, being touched by observing unspeakable misery (i.e. inhumane living conditions, illiteracy, poverty, malnutrition, absence of medical facilities etc.) of surrounding populace, he felt that serving the suffering humanity is the true religion rather than keeping himself confined to religious rites and rituals. And henceforth, his mission in life is to work for improving the overall living conditions of those under privileged people living in and around Buddha-Gaya. To accomplish his mission in the most organized way, he setup the “Vajra Bodhi Society” under the Societies Act 21 of 1860. This way Bhikkhu Rahul set out his journey to dedicate his life for distressed humanity. read more The Vajra Bodhi Society of India was founded by Bhiku Rahul Sankrityayan for the purpose of resuscitation Buddhism in India & of restoring the ancient Buddhist shrines at Buddha Gaya Saint Bhiku Rahul life is motivated by the teachings of lord Buddha.